The Diplomatic Forum (TDF) is an initiative of Collegiate Internationals. TDF demonstrates Collegiate Internationals staunch support and commitment to promote the Sustainable Development Goals- 2030 Agenda. Through The Diplomatic Forum, Collegiate Internationals  promotes SDG 16 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institution, and SDG 4– Quality Education . We believe educating the youth, the prospective future, about other nations culture, mannerism and commonalities,  will grow the sense of oneness and harmony and thus cultivate peace . The Diplomatic Forum gives the platform for nations representatives; UN Diplomats, Ambassadors, Consuls and Head of States to interact, explain and educate the students and youth about their respective nations; culture, history, mannerisms and commonalities. TDF also plays a significant role in motivating the youth and students towards socio-political sector when the Diplomat shares about his/her Path to Diplomacy.